Homemade Appetizers
Made Fresh To Order 

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  1. Meat Grape Leaves 8.99
    Meat Grape Leaves 8.99
    Some Say the Greeks invented it and some say it was the Turkish. All we know is that we perfected it. Minced beef and rice mixed with authentic spices rolled in Lebanese grape leaves and slow cooked in lamb broth.
  2. Veggie  grape leaves $6.99
    Veggie grape leaves $6.99
    Stuffed with rice and herbs served with Tzaziki sauce. It vegan. The Greek Warriors would eat veggie grape leaves out on the battlefield.
  3. Homemade Hummus $5.50
    Homemade Hummus $5.50
    Our award winning Slow cooked chickpea dip with a touch of garlic and pressed sesame seed sauce. Served with two pitas.
  4. Baba Ganoush $7.99
    Baba Ganoush $7.99
    A dip Made from smoked eggplant, garlic, fresh squeezed lemon and pressed sesame seed sauce. served with two pitas
  5. Fool Moodamas $6.99
    Fool Moodamas $6.99
    Fava Bean Dip, Mashed with garlic, Lebanese hot sauce and lemon topped with olive oil. Served two pitas.
  6. Falafel $5.99
    Falafel $5.99
    If meat Makes you feel Awful Try our Falafel. Our falafel is always made fresh to order and is made exactly like they do back home.
  7. Greek Fries $5.99
    Greek Fries $5.99
    Home cut Potato chips seasoned with our special blend of spices and topped off with Minced garlic, feta cheese & diced tomatoes.
Great food, Fast and freindly service, Ready when you are.